Managing anxiety related to anaphylaxis in childhood: A systematic review


Author:Manassis K
Title:Managing anxiety related to anaphylaxis in childhood: a systematic review.
Citation:Journal of Allergy
Abstract:Objectives. This paper reviews the relationship between anxiety and anaphylaxis
in children and youth, and principles for managing anxiety in the anaphylactic
child and his or her parents. Methods. A review of the medical literature
(Medline) was done using the keywords "anxiety," "anaphylaxis," and "allergy,"
limited to children and adolescents. Findings were organized into categories used
in the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, then applied to managing anxiety
in the anaphylactic child. Results. Twenty-four relevant papers were identified.
These varied widely in methodology. Findings emphasized included the need to
distinguish anxiety-related and organic symptoms, ameliorate the anxiety-related
impact of anaphylaxis on quality of life, and address parental anxiety about the
child. Conclusion. Children with anaphylaxis can function well despite anxiety,
but the physical, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of anxiety associated with
anaphylactic risk must be addressed, and parents must be involved in care in
constructive ways.